Laptop Wont Charge In Penrith, Cumbria

Laptop Repair Penrith can repair almost any Computer or Laptop Problem. And we are specialists in all types of laptop repair even down to motherboard level. Beware of companies offering fixed laptop repair costs because all faults are different! Laptop Repair Pernith will quickly give you a FREE QUOTATION ( no obligation ) before starting any notebook repair. All you need to do is either give us a call or drop into our full equipped workshop and showroom.

Power connector failure is one of our most popular repairs, here are some of the symptoms of a broken power connector / DC socket.

A. Putting pressure on or moving the power connector about when plugged in may cause the power light to come on intermittently.

B. The charging / power light won’t come on at all.

C. A burning smell can sometimes be noticed when connected to the mains, or the power connector may get hot.

The charging socket on most laptops can be quite fragile and with the insertion of the DC jack and movement of the laptop when charging it puts the small dc socket under lots of strain. This strain is taken by some tiny solder joints connected to the motherboard, and the connection is easily broken moving the connector about when plugged in rejoins the connection and can cause the laptop to start charging again, but this can also cause the connection to heat up and damage the motherboard.
Penrith Laptop Repair stock lots of different original power connectors, the repair involves de-soldering the old socket and re-soldering a new one, it’s a fairly big job because the whole laptop needs to come apart to do it, its defiantly not a DIY job lots of skill and care are involved.
Some times its just the laptop charger, and we keep chargers for all makes and models in stock. At Laptop Repair Penrith we can usually have your power socket replaced within 24hrs.