Virus Removal In Penrith, Cumbria

Laptop Repair Penrith can repair almost any Computer or Laptop Problem. And we are specialists in all types of laptop repair even down to motherboard level. Beware of companies offering fixed laptop repair costs because all faults are different! Laptop Repair Pernith will quickly give you a FREE QUOTATION ( no obligation ) before starting any notebook repair. All you need to do is either give us a call or drop into our full equipped workshop and showroom.

Viruses, adware, hijacks, spyware are all types of “Malware” the modern name for computer related infections it stands for malicious software this malware causes real problems as a single infection has the potential to send your detailed information across the internet to a hacker this information can include bank details or passwords etc. Lots of people have had bad experiences caused by this kind of software. As soon as you suspect an infection you should have it checked over and removed by a experienced professional.

At Laptop Repair Penrith we can usually remove all types of malware infection, including Trojan viruses, spyware, rouge antivirus programs, DNS Hijacks, Internet Explorer Hijacks etc, but sometimes we need to reinstall the operating system backup up your data in the process, reinstalling the operating system is a last resort.

There are two reasons why we sometimes suggest a reinstall of the operating system after a virus attack - The computer when reinstalled will usually run faster as reinstalling will remove any corrupt files and all the junk you have accumulated over the years. Secondly, sometimes a virus or Trojan can damage the operating system so it will no longer function correctly, but this is a worst case scenario.
For virus removal we just charge for our time, we never charge for more than 2 hours even if it takes us all day.
If you think you might have a virus or malware problem, don’t hesitate to contact us for free advice or a price for removal.