Laptop Health Check Penrith, Cumbria

Laptop Repair Penrith can repair almost any Computer or Laptop Problem. And we are specialists in all types of laptop repair even down to motherboard level. Beware of companies offering fixed laptop repair costs because all faults are different! Laptop Repair Pernith will quickly give you a FREE QUOTATION ( no obligation ) before starting any notebook repair. All you need to do is either give us a call or drop into our full equipped workshop and showroom.

Laptop Maintenance is necessary to ensure a long life for your laptop and to keep it running at its best!
Exactly like your vehicle (and I am positive that you would not neglect to service for years) a regular computer service also known as a health check is vital for your computer.

Operating systems like windows can look after some aspects of your laptop but there are other components and software in your computer that also need looking at, software problems and fragmentation can cause computers to be very slow, even if it is fairly new. Old files can build up on your hard drive, adding and removing software leaves behind a messy hard drive and dust builds up inside the case. All these factors reduce the efficiency of your computer which means you don’t get the performance you would expect. At Laptop Repair Penrith we offer a health check service.

One thing that is never thought about is the need to physically clean your computer. A good quality laptop has at least one fan that sucks cold air inside the laptop and blows it out over the heat sink, this is to keep the CPU and other components cool. This fan also sucks in tiny dust particles and over a fairly short period of time the dust builds up and blocks the fan and heat sink causing the laptop to overheat and possibly damage the CPU or graphics chipset on the motherboard. To get at the fan it normally need to be taken apart, this is a job that is best tackled by the experts

We recommend you have a computer service once a year.