Keyboard & Mouse Pad Repair in Pernith, Cumbria

Laptop Repair Penrith can repair almost any Computer or Laptop Problem. And we are specialists in all types of laptop repair even down to motherboard level. Beware of companies offering fixed laptop repair costs because all faults are different! Laptop Repair Pernith will quickly give you a FREE QUOTATION ( no obligation ) before starting any notebook repair. All you need to do is either give us a call or drop into our full equipped workshop and showroom.

Keyboard & mouse pad faults rarely happen unless accidents happen, damage can occur if liquid is spilt on the laptop or if the keyboard receives and impact. Sometimes the motherboard develops faults that can prevent the keyboard from working. Almost every different model of laptop has a different keyboard, Mouse pads often fail and can become intermittent.

A laptop keyboard is quite a low tech device with no complicated electronics just membrane switches. The main problem after liquid contamination is that fluid leaks between the membrane and the electrical contact cannot be made even if you dry the keyboard out the contacts can be left dirty and certain keys will not work properly. If this happens the only way to sort it is to replace the keyboard. New keyboards start from £20.

If some of the keys fall off then it might be possible to re-fit them, it all depends on the plastic clips that are below the keys, if these are missing or are broken it means that a new keyboard is required.
If the keyboard isn’t working at all it might just be a simple fault like the internal keyboard ribbon cable has a bad connection.

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